Our World Class Services

We offer a plethora of services like website designs and development, android applications for your services and websites, e-commerce solutions, etc. We also offer hosting solutions and services such as Shared Hosting with SSD, VPS, Google Cloud Platform, etc. We can also setup Digital Ocean Droplets, Amazon Web Services servers, etc.

Services in details

  • Website Design

    We offer website design services. We can build blogs, portfolios, landing pages, image galleries, etc. for you. We offer both, static and as well as dynamic websites. We also make single page websites.

  • E-Commerce Solutions

    E-Commerce is gaining a lot of grounds and it’s a modern means to earn profits. We provide multiple E-Commerce solutions such as simple store front with product listing, complete e-commerce platform with option to sell online, E-Commerce marketplace with multiple seller management, etc. We will also make custom solutions as per your need. No matter what type of business you have – we will make an e-commerce platform to best suit your business such as Online Grocery store, Online cloth and apparel store, Online electronics store, etc.

  • Android Applications

    We provide one of the best Android application development services in the market. Want to bring your website to more users via a mobile application for Android, we will do it for you. We build stand alone android apps, customer support android app, E-commerce store, etc.

  • Computer Software

    Looking for a billing software or stock management software which works offline without the need of internet? You have come to the right place. We offer native software development services of billing, invoicing, store management, etc. for Microsoft Windows.

  • Web Hosting

    Already have a website but need hosting to make it live? Look no further. We offer best in class and pocket friendly hosting solutions from shared hosting to VPS. We offer Linux Shared Hosting with SSD and unlimited bandwidth, we also offer VPS along with complete setup at a budget. We can also setup Google Cloud Platform for you or even Digital Ocean Droplets and Amazon Web Services servers at minimal cost.

  • Consultancy Services

    Have a business idea in mind but can’t figure out how to bring it to the digital world? We also provide consultancy services to help you understand the digital world and to bring your idea to the internet at a starting price of ₹250/$5 an hour. We will help you make a foothold on the internet.

  • Custom Services

    Have a specific requirement? Nothing to worry. We can make make a custom website, android app, e-commerce platform, computer software, web hosting plan, etc. as per your needs and requirements.

  • Specific Programming Languages and Frameworks

    Looking for a specific language or Frameworks support? We have got you covered. We offer development support in these languages:

    • HTML 5
    • SCSS/CSS
    • JavaScript, TypeScript
    • Java
    • Kotlin (for Android development only)
    • Python – Django
    • PHP – Code Ignitor
    • Node.js, Angular, Electrone.js, etc.

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